Drums and Drumming

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Drum Scores


  • 4-2-1 grid of 5 stroke rolls and pataflas
  • Connecticut Halftime (Trad. JBM)
  • Different notation, but same sticking and same sound
  • Downfall of Paris, Snare Drum
  • Downfall of Paris, Bass Drum
  • Drum Solo h220505
  • Exercises h01-06 (à la He)
  • Martinazzi, Arr. H. Wäfler
  • Paradiddle Madness
  • Variations on Finals, à la He
  • Warm-up à la He, pages 1-3


Practice on the Pad
  • Short warm-up, Swiss and French Reveille (The french one being a rigodon in fact)
  • Short warm-up, Grien Hund, and Pumperniggel
  • Short warm-up, Grien Hund, and Pumperniggel at 100 BPM
  • Short warm-up, Grien Hund, and Pumperniggel
Practice on the Drum
  • Walliser, comp. Emil Krug
  • Pumperniggel, comp. Hans Häfelfinger
  • Dr Drummler, comp. Alex Haefeli
  • Dr Grien Hund, comp. Albi Melches


My Drums



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