A Syllabic Language for (Rudimental) Drummers

Vocal drumming? Why?

Reasons and goals

  • Increase efficiency in the process of learning to play the drum
  • Enhance efficiency when studying new drum compositions and thus being sooner able to play them by heart
  • Provide an easy method for drummers to explain their music among them, even in case of existing linguistic barriers

Efficient Learning

  • Trigger and use as many senses as possible.
  • Activate as many of the brain's perception centers as possible.

The more senses triggered during a learning process, the greater the retention rate:

  • Hearing 20% (Auditory)
  • Seeing 30% (Visual), i.e. 50% accumulated
  • Saying 20% (Auditory and communicative), i.e. 70% accumulated
  • Doing 20% (Kinesthetic), i.e. 90% accumulated
If you can say it you can play it!
Sample of drum scores added syllabic language

A well-known example – Forgotten beginning

Instead of recapping the first bar in a bothersome way with Right five stroke roll, left reverted flam tap, right reverted flam tap, left reverted flam tap, right reverted flam tap, left reverted flam tap, right reverted flam tap, the leader simply answers: "fRra gdi gda gdi gda gdi gda", and one, two, three, four, everybody is playing 1st bar of Celanese

Here is my two cents:

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Examples of Use

Beginnings of Drum Solos

Celanese   Beginning of Celanese fRra gdi gda gdi gda gdi gda

dr DrummlerGeginning of dr Drummler fRra gdi gdadi RiTa gdi gda

Dr Grien HundBeginning of Dr Grien Hund fRra gdi gda gdi gda RriTaTi

PumperniggelBeginning of Pumperniggel fRra fla fLifLa gdi gda

Walliser    Beginning of Walliser frradidafLifLadidafLifLa gdi gda

Finals of Drum Solos

Final of 7  Final of 7 frra rridadi RraTiTa

Celanese    Final of Celanese frra rridadiTaTi Rra

Drummler   Final of dr Drummler frra rridadi Ri Rra

“Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” (William Penn Adair Rogers, aka Will, 1879-1935)


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